Clean Hands and a Pure Heart

Can you imagine a “virtuous woman” thinking evil, judgmental, or envious thoughts? How about being devious and deceptive? Or being known as an accomplished flirt? The answer to that is no. When I think of a virtuous woman, I picture a girl who is kind, caring, gentle, strong . . . all the good stuff. But one thing that stands out among all her virtues – the attribute that paved the way for all them to come into existence – is purity.

A virtuous woman is one that is marked by purity. Pretty much the closest thing to purity we hear about these days is “abstinence”, or remaining sexually pure. That’s wonderful! Yet, for the Christian girl, there is a foundation that lies strong and solid beneath the superficial committment to sexual purity. This foundation is purity of heart.

Purity in general is essential to a deep, meaningful relationship with God. Yet there is one kind of purity that shines its radiant light in and upon all the others. This is purity of heart. Purity of heart covers everything: purity of mind, purity of motivation, purity of emotion, and purity of body. Essentially, a pure heart is a pure soul. We know that when we talk about “giving our hearts to Jesus” we really mean that we have surrendered to Him our soul. When we give God our soul, we are handing over the very core of our being. If everything we are is His, that means that every area of our life is His also. So it is with purity. By surrendering to Jesus our hearts, committing them to His purity, we are accepting His purity into all other parts of our lives. This is the beginning of the walk of a virtuous woman.

Who can ascend to the hill of the Lord? Who can stand in His holy place? [She] who
has clean hands and a pure heart. . .” Ps. 24:3-4

God is perfect. He is also perfectly pure. Because of this, He cannot associate with any kind of impurity or evil, or His own purity would be tarnished. And if God is no longer the ultimate, untarnished point of reference for us in our walk to be like Him, then our efforts are in vain. This is why He cannot accept impurity in us.

In my next few little posts, I am going to explore the areas of purity directly affected by purity of heart. But remember, it is a complete dedication of your heart to God that will begin this wonderful process of purity in your life. Surrender all to Him; your heart, your soul, your mind, and your strength. The whispers of impurity are all around us, but God’s call to purity of heart is louder and stronger. With Him, you can overcome anything. First, you have to listen. Second, you have to obey.


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