Three Products of Purity

My last post very quickly summarized why purity of heart is important. I want to continue that thought. I believe that purity of heart has three facets, or three areas, that it primarily influences: the mind, the emotions, and the body.

First, purity of mind is defined by Webster as “freedom from any sinister or improper views; as the purity of motives or designs”. A pure mind is free of sinful thoughts; whether they are judgmental, lustful, or begrudging. As females, we won’t have as much of a struggle, if any, with lustful thoughts toward the opposite sex; yet purity of mind is still important. As I said before, impure thoughts can be judgmental, begrudging, or biased. Our thoughts are perhaps the greatest influence on our words, so if we are judging others, etc., these ideas will eventually emerge from our mouths. For example, gossip usually sprouts from a jealous or judgmental mind.

Second on our list is purity of emotion, which is what I believe to be a girl’s greatest struggle. As a girl, you probably already know that we [girls] are very emotional creatures. We respond to love, anger, compassion, and other expressions of feeling more readily than guys. God made us this way. But what are we to do with it? God wants us to use this tenderness for His glory, not use it and abuse it. Many girls who are perfectly pure in body are sadly scarred in the heart from giving this precious gift away to every guy they happen to “like”. This is very easy; sometimes almost unconcious. Usually emotional impurity begins as a girlish crush, then swells to greater proportions.

Lastly, purity of body is a direct product of purity of emotion. If your heart isn’t caught up with a guy, but with God, there are very few temptations toward crossing any physical lines.

Perhaps you noticed that each of these “purities” leads into the next. Purity of mind, or purity of intention, prevents impurity of the emotions. Purity of emotion protects you from the temptation of sexual impurity. But above all, purity of heart begins the entire process. When you are dedicated to God, when your heart is being molded after His, you will automatically produce the fruits of purity in all areas of your life . . . a great step toward our goal of becoming virtuous women.


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  1. Well said Phylicia. You know I think your right concerning a lack of emotional control being detrimental. It seems to me that guys take the vast majority of lustful thought criticism while many girls are not apprehended for delving into romance novels, which are probably closer to the equivalent of porn for females than we realize. Anyway, good job on the blog, keep up the good work 🙂

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