A Friend For All Seasons

In Spring, the buds their heads they show
In greening all the wood;
The little birds, they twitter so
To reflect the happy mood.
The moss and grasses greener grow
With each dancing April shower,
And blossoms white as fallen snow
Grace each emerald bower.

In Summer shines the brilliant light
Of sun and fun and family;
There are picnics, walks, and flying kites
With cousins, Gramps and Grammy.
The cresting waves are blue and white,
The whipporwhils are pining;
And in the soft and stilly night
The summer stars are shining.

Autumn comes bedecked in gold
And crowned with fallen leaves;
Her breath brings frost and chill and cold
Upon the wheaten sheaves.
The harvest’s safely in the fold
And round the crackling fire
Stories of years past are told
When the household has retired.

The fields are glistening ‘neath the moon
With crystalline delight;
The silver beams are softly strewn
Throughout the Winter night.
In darkness you can hear the croon
Of a cardinal’s treble note;
Mingled with the lilting tunes
From caroler’s joyful throats.

Through every season passing by
And every joy or sorrow
My dearest friend you’ll always be
Today, and through tomorrow.


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