My Heart is a Highway

Another beautiful evening in northern Michigan!  It was a lovely Sunday today, sunny and 80 degrees.  After teaching a preschool class at my church, I cam home with my sister to wait for the rest of the family to return, and it was just gorgeous outside — fluffy clouds, blue sky — we eventually took out our horses for a long trail ride and had a wonderful time.  We so enjoy the three months of summer we DO get :-).

As I sit on the porch this evening, I opened my Bible and it fell open to the following verse:

“Blessed is she whose strength is in You, in whose heart are the highways to Zion…” (Ps.84:5)

How does one have a highway in her heart?  Well, what is a highway?  A highway is a fast-paced road, often full of traffic.  When you are driving on it you must not only keep under the speed limit, but watch out for other drivers — be an offensive driver yourself.  There will be signs beside the road, some directing you toward your destination, others distracting you as you go along.  You have to keep your eyes on the road always.  Your vehicle must be kept in good shape in order to be effective on your journey.  And finally, you have to remember where you are going and why you are going there.

So how does this apply to our hearts? David’s first point is within the first half of verse five: “Blessed is she whose strength is in You…”  When our strength is in God, we are accepting the fact that we ourselves are weak and needy.  It keeps us in a humble position, which is where God can use us best.  Immediately following this statement, David asserts: “Blessed is she… in whose heart are the highways to Zion.”  In Jewish culture, the method of writing was called parallelism.  You will read a lot of this style in Proverbs, put to use by Solomon.  With parallelism, the second phrase echoes the first, but in different words.  With this in mind, the woman whose “strength is in the Lord” is the same as the woman with a highway in her heart.

When our strength, and our trust, is in the Lord, he makes the road clear before us.  He opens doors, He clarifies dreams, He shows His will little by little.  Understand that God’s will is not a lightning bolt that will flash out of the sky — there isn’t a Grand Plan just waiting to be found.  God’s will for you is discovered little by little over the course of your life, by following Him diligently and obeying His direction.  The highway to heaven is laid out within your heart when God is given a willing soul to work with. 

Along the way there will be distractions.  Maybe there’s a very negative backseat driver with you.  Or maybe your vehicle is in need of some repair (“Looks like your Faithfulness is in need of a tuneup… Self Control could use a little oiling on a regular basis…”).  The signs by the road may be more distractions than directions (“Come to Lucifer’s Bar and Grille!  Best Devil’s Food in Hades County!”) Whatever the case, keep your eyes on the road, your heart in His hands, and the highway to Zion will lead you home.  It’s a promise — for those whose strength is in the Lord.


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  1. What a beautiful post! Thank you for sharing your insight into that verse. I’m going to study it myself tonight!


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