An Unbroken Heart

I am going to take a small break from my previous study of Isaiah 62 to talk about another subject.  The reason I have not been posting lately is because I have had to give two speeches — one on modesty to a group of girls at a church, and another on dating to a completely secular crowd at my local college.

Having given the modesty speech before, I felt prepared, and in the enviroment that I gave it I felt comfortable and safe.  But things were different for the other speech.  Never have I spoken to a non-Christian crowd about these things, but as Jeremiah was told, I trusted that God would tell me what to speak.

The name of my speech was “An Unbroken Heart:  Holding Out For the Fairy Tale”.  As I wrote it, I deliberated over what to say.  These people were not the teenage girls I was used to.  They had no foundation on Christ, they were completely of the world and its ways, and to talk to them the same way I do to Christian teens would be ineffective and irrelevant.  So what could I tell them?

I was nervous.  I was scared.  My professor never seems to be fazed by either of these things and I was sure I would be the laughingstock of the class.  But one thing kept me going… it was a girl named Ashlynn. 

Ashlynn is nineteen.  She went through a high school in a northern town and now is in college downstate, taking only this summer speech class here in the north.  From the way she talked I could tell she had “been around”.  She seemed calloused and hardened, like she had been used and broken many times.  But sometimes I could see a wistfulness in her eyes, as if she longed for something more.  But only sometimes.

Ashlynn gave a speech one night on depression, and we soon learned that she was taking antidepressants because she suffered from this “disease”.  She had even considered suicide in high school.  As she related her life, and as I heard her talk of exes and past flings, I felt for her.  So when I gave my speech, she was on the forefront of my mind.

“An Unbroken Heart” didn’t convince my audience that you shouldn’t date.  It didn’t tell them to court either.  What my goal was, was this: to show them that there IS an alternative.  Simply to reveal to them that the fairy tale love story they heard as a child doesn’t have to disappear when you enter the “real world”.  I offered them some ideas for cultivating relationships based on commitment and character, rather than feeling and fun.  I saw Ashlynn as I spoke: “Your heart is the most precious possession you have.  It is who you are.  Hold out in hope.  Don’t settle.  And when people tell you the fairy tale doesn’t exist, open the pages of the closed storybook, and choose to believe in happily ever after.”  There were tears in her eyes.

So many have not even considered the thought that there is an alternative to the world of broken hearts and unkept promises.  But we have that hope to extend to them.  The path of purity is also a path of promise, for all who choose to walk it.


5 Responses

  1. Phylicia, this was a great post. Thanks for sharing your wisdom on this subject and encouraging us all to remain faithful in waiting for God’s choice.

    Hope you are doing well and resting after all those speeches!

  2. Hi Phylicia,
    This sounds like it went really well. I hope you will have more opportunities to share good news with some of the people you spoke to. Especially Ashlynn. I’m praying that you’ll be bold and courageous.

  3. That is so neat you had an opportunity to do that. I’m sure it took a lot of courage.

  4. Great insight. Modesty and courtship is something that really needs to be brought out. Doing it among Christians can often be hard enough let alone people who have never given God much consideration. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Phylicia,
    Just stopping by to personally thank you for stopping by my old blog, “Cheaper by the half dozen” last month. I don’t keep up with that blog anymore, but I do post on my personal one,
    That’s neat that you are committed to courtship as well!! Believe me, it’s a great thing to experience!! 🙂

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