Coming Home

It has been two months since I blogged here regularly, and I am going to attempt to begin again.  Before, my regular posts were a reflection of my time spent with God, my prayers, what I learned, and what I hoped others would learn with me. 

In the business of summer, something precious was lost… the priority of my job and other commitments kept me from what really mattered.  Getting up at 5:30 left me exhausted, and “too pressed for time” to read my Bible or pray.  At night I had classes, or practices, or events to go to… no time for the One who was watching me run frantically to and fro.  It saddens me now to see how I ignored Him.  It saddens me more to see the effect my ignorance has had on my character.

So often we think we can do things on our own, without God.  We are really good people… He’s just a spiritual steroid to boost our goodwill in times of dire need.  I guess that’s what I thought, perhaps unconsciously.  How quickly we can fall from where we were with our Lord!  I can’t say how much I regret losing the times I used to spend with Him every morning.  They were so precious, so wonderful — looking back,  I see I did not appreciate Him enough to make Him NUMBER ONE on my priority list. 

The Bible says that “God hates the proud, but gives grace to the humble”.  The thing is, we are not naturally humble — sometimes he has to help us get to that point.  Perhaps more often than not.  And this is what happened to me.  Through a variety of situations, people and circumstances, I have been brought to a point where I realize my pride was controlling me.  I am at a point where once again, I realize how much I need Jesus Christ.  This, my friends, is exactly  where He wants me.

The wonderful thing about our God is that once He has humbled us, He welcomes us back with open arms.  The whole point of His humbling is to bring us back to Him — like the father of the prodigal running to greet his son, He holds us and welcomes us home.  This time, He asks, Won’t you stay with Me?

And this time, I intend to.

Read a well written post on the same topic at Kaysie’s blog, Alabaster Box:


One Response

  1. Hey Phylicia!

    Glad to have you back! 🙂 This post almost brought me to tears. The honesty, the familiarity, everything hit home with me. The Lord is teaching us the same things once again. I wrote about something very similar a few weeks ago…

    Hope you continue to grow closer to Jesus. I am right with you!

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