Six Things I Have Learned This Year

I have been tagged by Penn and Kaysie both, so I think I will join my blogging friends in their lists of ‘learnings’ for 2008:

1.  You can’t face the world and its ways on a daily basis without first spending time with God.  If He does not begin the day, you won’t be very far into it before you’ll find your own strength isn’t sufficient to defeat temptation.

2.  I learned that I can buy as many different teas as I want at my local grocery store due to its recent renovation.  I am very happy about this.  🙂

3.  I learned that you can’t float through college.  You do actually have to study.

4.  I learned that everywhere you go is a place and a chance to witness to people, if not through word, than through manner and deed.

5.  I learned that Who You Are at Home is who you are! 

6.  I learned that Jesus Christ has to be, can be, and is the Love if my life… that He alone can be my Approver, my Guidance and my Friend.  His love is all the support and hope that I need to accomplish whatever God wills for the future.  He is “my loving God and my fortress, my stronghold and my deliverer, my shield, in whom I take refuge…”  (Ps. 144:2)

I tag:    Amanda, Jocelyn, and  Caroline


5 Responses

  1. Thank you for including me Phylicia. I will now make time to respond to your tag. *smile* I am guessing it’s like playing the game and you take your tourn being “it”. So that is how I will do it. *smile* You are my first “it” person to tag me. *smile*

    Have a wonderful day and remember to pray always.

  2. Thanks for the tag Phylicia! 🙂 This one is interesting and educational. : P

  3. Hey thanks for doing the tag. Sorry, I didn’t realize Kaysie had already tagged you. I’m glad to see what you learned.

  4. Bad news…you can’t float through life either…especially if you belong to Him. 🙂

  5. Dear Phylicia –
    Another WOW. I love reading your blog! It’s such an encouragement! Tags are a good way to get to know your blogger friends. Glad you got tagged!

    Sorry I didn’t reply to your comment when I posted mine on your other post. I was kind of on a tagant! but it was a good post. About the Daybook – it’s actually a meme that this lady started on her blog. Mainly it’s for people to share in what is going on in your day, tell about things you are learning, get to know you better. It is sort of like a journal.

    I am doing a reading challenge on my blog for reading the Bible in one year, and mom is having me write down my thoughts about it in my journal. A couple of weeks ago, I had forgotten I had a journal. Now, after writing about my Bible Time, I write about my day and my thoughts. All you need to get you started is a little bit of encouragement.

    Writing down my thought has also helped me to rethink some of the way I think and act. If I am angry when I write, it shines through and I feel a need to change it. I have read journal books from girls in the past, and have very much enjoyed it. I think you should set aside two times in your day, probably 30 minutes each to write in your journal. Then maybe you could send it home to your parents. I bet they would love to read it. 🙂

    Just a thought. Sorry if my comment got a little long.

    Thank you for coming by! Hope you will again soon!

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