A Courtship Success Story

I have been to only a few weddings in my lifetime — I think perhaps three.  I love weddings.  Unfortunately, the Michigan climate seems ill-suited to making couples marry.  This is rather frustrating, as the only chance I really have to dress up for a party would be at a wedding; so I am currently working on getting my friends married so I can attend their weddings in a pretty dress :-). 

Of the weddings I have been to, however, there is one that stands out.  The wedding was lovely, as most are — but the reason that couple was getting married was a result of their prior relationship.  It was the only wedding I went to where the groom had courted the bride. 

It was beautiful.  It was special.  But what made it even more special was the fact that the couple had saved themselves only for each other — everything belonged to the other, nothing was held back… nothing had been lost.  The groom had wooed the bride, and won her hand.  He didn’t waltz in non-committally and eventually decide to pop the question.  He fought to win his bride — and he was indeed the victor!

This couple now has three beautiful little girls, and if you ask the bride, she will tell you she never regretted her decision to wait.  Of course she made mistakes — she told me and other girls the mistakes she had made in high school when it came to dating — but when her heart was in the right place, God brought her a man who loved her completely.  And she loves him.

Seeing a success story is always encouraging.  Sometimes it can seem like courtship is a long way off, or that no man will even attempt to try it.  These stories give us hope.  Now, this is my last post on the topic of courtship for a while — but as I end, I want to recommend a website for readers to visit.  It is the story of a married couple, their courtship, wedding, and lives as singles.  It is a great encouragement and a great example to those of us following in their footsteps: please visit Woody and GIna’s Website.

God Bless!


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  1. How encouraging! I’m committed to waiting to date and, yes, I do dream of a fairy tale wedding where we can share our own success story!

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