Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

There is a song that we used to sing in church called ‘Give Thanks’:

Give thanks with a grateful heart/Give thanks to the Holy One/Give thanks, for He has given Jesus Christ, His Son/Now let the weak say I am strong/Let the poor say I am rich/Because of what the Lord has done/For us… Give thanks…

Perhaps you have heard it.  It is a beautiful song. As always, we celebrated Thanksgiving with my Mom’s family yesterday, and of course we thanked God for getting together, and for all the wonderful food Grandma made, and for the freedom to be together in the first place.  But really, everything we are thankful for comes back to one gift that received — Jesus’ sacrifice.

It is so easy to grow cold — or at least indifferent — to the wonderful gift of salvation that we received.  Those of us who have grown up in Christian homes hear it all day every day, and sometimes it gets ‘old’.  But it shouldn’t be that way.  None of us would be where we are, have the privileges we have, the families we are in, the jobs we are paid for or the blessings we have received if it were not for Christ’s sacrifice, and someone’s submission to His will.  I have seen families where it was the grandfather who was the committed Christian, and his legacy has blessed his children and grandchildren — but the grandchildren have lost the reason for their blessing, taking the material and forgetting the spiritual.  We must never forget the origin of our good gifts — the Lord above.

God’s blessings aren’t only material, either.  They are spiritual as well.  This where I, more than anything, am most thankful; because like the song, I in my weakness can say, “I am strong,” and I in my poverty can say, “I am rich.”  Christ is the source of all these things: my security, my love, my hope, my joy.  We hear a lot of people say, “Without Him I am nothing.” Actually, without Him I am something:  sinful.  We aren’t just not attaining our full potential by being separated from Him, but also being willful and rebellious… ‘nothing’ signifies something of a passive regard for our state without Christ.  Without Him, we aren’t ‘nothing’ — we’re pointless! 

A compass has a point.  It ‘points’ North, and it’s ‘point’ is to guide its owner that direction.  Christ is the needle on the compass of our heart, giving us direction and purpose — giving us a ‘point’ in our life.  Of all things to be thankful for, this is it.  Without Christ as our compass, we spend our life wandering in circles, seeking our own good and pleasure and never being satisfied.  Christ satisfies the deepest needs because He is our deepest need

I give thanks, with a grateful heart, for Him.


2 Responses

  1. Well spoken.

    You blessed my heart.



  2. We do take volunteers at Wild Horse Hope! Feel free to email us for more info-
    In His Hands,

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