Soldier Boy

brandon1This blog isn’t really a personal blog, but since I am a person, some events from my own life will make it on here.  Over Thanksgiving I got to see my cousins again — all four of them, all boys — and especially my eldest cousin, Brandon.  Brandon is nineteen, a little older than me.  Since each girl in my family is slightly younger than one of the boys, we each have our ‘own’ cousin.  Brandon was mine.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for family to see each other, and in this case, I will probably see Brandon only one more time for a long while.  On December 30th he leaves to join the Army, going to a base in Oklahoma.  He will then go into basic training and within a year or so take a tour of Iraq and Afghanistan.  He is going to be a data analyst, which means he will be programming the computers to direct artillery where to drop shells (I am hoping that is accurate!).  We are all going to miss him.

While Brandon goes to fight for our country, we are left here on the home front.  Just as Brandon will be a soldier for a greater cause, so are we in our own way.  Not in the sense that we are physically defending our country, but spiritually fighting on its behalf. 

Our nation is not centered around righteousness, and you needn’t look around long to affirm that conclusion.  While we may send soldiers out to uphold America’s legacy of freedom, at home true freedom is being undermined at an alarming rate.  Freedom to do good is no longer one of our rights, it seems — but freedom for evil, as with abortion, gay marriage, and corruption in finance and taxes is the only ‘freedom’ we are allowed.  Thus, we really aren’t free at all.

We can debate, argue, condemn and judge all day long.  There are so many things ‘wrong’ with our society that it would be easy to spend time lamenting the state of it.  While discussing these things is necessary in order to understand and counter them, if all we ever do is ‘discuss’ there won’t be progress.  Secondly, this progress will never be accomplished with human hands alone.  Going into our culture with nothing to offer but another voice of negativity is not a right representation of Christ.  What can we offer to our spiritually dead culture that can bring the ‘change’ they all cry for?  On our own, nothing.  With Christ, everything.

So we must pray.  We must be a voice of encouragement and confidence, knowing God wasn’t surprised that Barack Obama became president.  He wasn’t on coffee break when the Democrats sneaked into the White House.  He is still God, and if anything, rather than lamenting our situation we should take action to make these next four years a time where we rise above our circumstances, trusting the Lord who allowed them. 

Lastly, we are gradually reaching the day when our Lord will return.  These things will come and go, presidents will arrive and leave, nations will rise and fall.  Christ’s kingdom is not of this world.  We will never have a utopia here on earth.  ‘Progress’ will be limited by this fact, for God’s purpose was not for us to create our own heaven in this world.  So in this time, we are soldiers for Christ, fighting His battle, holding His flag — and only He sees the end.  We know we will be victorious with Him.  We just don’t know when.  So, trusting Him, we battle on.


3 Responses

  1. Dear Phylicia,
    Thank you for sending me this article – you truly are a talented young woman. Keep up the encouraging words to those you write! May the Lord continue to bless you in all that you do!
    Carol Manthei

  2. Dear Phylicia,
    I wish your family strength and consistancy in prayer for your beloved cousin as he willingly goes to help our soldiers in amazing ways with the Army. Please tell him thank you for me for agreeing to be in the armed forces.
    Blessings.-me-(Mommy of two little blessings)

  3. Aw, how sweet. I’m so glad you got to see them all. How precious. Wonderful and encouraging words!

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