100th Post

I kind of liked that it is the last day of November and this is my 100th post; it seemed to fit together so nicely.  It would be even better if it were the last day of the year, but I really don’t want to wait a month to arrange that, so the 100th post will have to be today.  I didn’t realize I was close to reaching the centennial until a few weeks ago when I saw that I had 94 posts.  Only six more — and here we are!

The subject of 100….  100 is a lot, when you think about it, but it is also very little.  It depends on how you look at it.  A hundred dollars may be a lot of money for a purse, but it may be very little for a nice winter coat.  A hundred posts may be a lot for me, but that goal was met by others years ago.  Our perceptions of 100 are relative to our experiences and situations.

While it may seem to be a silly analogy, our idea of the number 100 translates into our idea of God.  While one person may perceive 100 to be large, and another small, God can’t be viewed this way.  The number 100 is variable; it’s quantity may not change, but depending on its situation and surroundings it may represent something completely different from another circumstance.  God is not relative.  He is not variable.  His quality and quantity never change. 

If God were a matter of opinion and personal ‘experience’, He couldn’t be God.  God is all powerful, all knowing, all good… He does not change for different situations.  He as Himself is great enough for ANY situation.  He does not make Himself more appealing or relevant as society blows this way and that;  He is the same, His standard is the same, and His love and mercy remain the same. 

So on this little centennial, on this little blog on a great, wide world of the Internet, I want to offer one little thanks to the unchanging, unvariable, ever to be trusted Lord… Jesus Christ.


9 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your 100th post, Phy!!! By the way, love your new picture:)

  2. Hey Phylicia! Congratulations!! I love reading your thoughts – here’s to many more posts, Lord willing. 🙂

  3. Congratulations. That super! I don’t keep track of my posts or comments anymore. LOL

  4. Congrats! Your do a beautiful job. I am now working with the College group at my church and sometimes recommend your blog.

  5. Phylicia! I’ve missed your frequent posting. Hope you are well.

  6. congratulations! and thanks for the comment on my blog! i couldn’t get it to post on wordpress either, so i guess i’m not much help. sorry!

  7. Hey Phy=) Well, I was on my blog a minute ago and discovered I had the link to yours all messed up. I clicked the link to “Quill and Inkwell” and noticed a “new” format. The title of the main post was “40 Years of Marriage — Love or Punishment?” and the next was “Street Brawl”. I was thinking “WHAT?” I quickly relized that I had put it at blogger, not word press. 😉 Just thought that was funny.

  8. Amen! Beautiful thoughts to go with a very praiseworthy milestone. Congratulations on reaching 100 posts… and an even bigger congrats for the fact that each one glorifies God! 🙂

  9. Hello!

    I just found your blog, and was looking at your ‘About Me’ page and noticed that you lived in Northern Michigan. May I ask, do you live in the Upper Peninsula? Would you mind sharing where? Because we live in Ironwood, on the far Western side of the U.P. — just a stone’s throw (literally) from the Wisconsin border. 🙂

    Thanks! 🙂

    Noelle M.

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