Unforgiving Minute

I am looking out my window right now and it is nearly midnight… a little late for posting, so this will be probably be shorter… there’s a full moon tonight, shining so brightly that it’s almost like day outside.  The snow is glistening like diamonds, and the air is so frigid it would take your breath away.  It’s beautiful, and rare, that it is this still and clear on a Michigan winter night.

It is in the quiet I can think.  I can get a perspective on everything — when there are no calls to take, no work to go to, no people to talk to…  It’s at times like these I sit here, looking at that moon, and wonder if those little irksome things during the day were truly that important.  I look at my Day:  was it glorifying to God, or did I step away from Him at moments in time?  I step backward and look at my Week:  what was my focus; did I achieve any goals or fail them?  I step further backward and look at my Month:  what have I accomplished, and what do I want to accomplish? I step even further back and look at my past year… one, as I have said, I am not exceedingly proud of.  What can I change?  And then I stop.  I look around. And I look forward:  I look at my Life.  Each step backward makes the picture broader and bigger — making the day-to-day seem smaller and smaller.  Yet at the same time, the daily things are what make the lifelong things. 

So I sit in the night, hours before a new Day, and wonder:  how can I fill each ‘unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run’?  Minutes become hours, and hours, days… and these days become our lives.  And we only get one of those.


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