Life’s a Dance

I just got back home from watching the National Russian Ballet perform ‘Sleeping Beauty’.  The show was sold out and my friend fortunately bought two of the last three tickets — just in time!  We had excellent seats with an amazing view of the stage — able to see all the performers in their brilliant costumes pirouetting before us.  The music was wonderful as well.  We enjoyed dressing up to go out as well as seeing such an amazing show.

I watched the ballerina that played Aurora, or Sleeping Beauty, as she danced on stage.  I thought about what she did… not only physically — but about the motivations for her different movements.  There is not a word spoken in a ballet performance:  the audience draws its conclusions through the actions of the performers and the dynamics of the music.  By herself, Aurora danced beautifully.  She was astounding to behold.  Yet I noticed that whenever she did the most difficult turns and movements, she always had to hold the hand of one of the male dancers.  She couldn’t do it without his support and strength.

When Aurora meets the Prince, in the second act, she must dance with another person — not just herself.  No longer can she think only of her own movements and actions, but also of his, ready to cue off him for her own steps.   The more she leaned on him, and trusted him as he lifted her and moved her across the stage, the more beautiful and remarkable the dance became.  When she surrendered herself and her own dance to join in his, the two of them made a much more memorable performance than if it had just been her.

Do we want to be the ‘prima donnas’ of our lives?  I think we often do.  I know I do.  I want to decide my own steps and keep my own spotlight, afraid that if I surrender to my partner I will lose my freedom and the beauty of my dance.  Yet our partner knows the dance better than we ever will, and he is strong where we are weak.  When we fail a step, he is there to lift us up.  With each time we surrender to Him, he makes the dance more beautiful.  No longer do we control it, dominating the stage of our own life:  He guides us step by step, and with each twist and turn the performance becomes more and more lovely — because it’s not about performing, it’s about me and my Lord.


2 Responses

  1. Wow! That is an amazing picture… And so encouraging. Thank you!

  2. that looks gorgeous

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