Forever’s As Far As I’ll Go

Classes started today, and I was not looking forward to it.  I enjoyed my break far too much to want to get back to studying.  I was excited for one thing though — I do have good classes:  Newswriting and Civil War, two of my favorite subjects.  Tonight I had to head to Newswriting right after drama meet and a short dinner out with a friend.  I ran into the dank depths of the Technology building, not sure what to expect… and dreading what I was sure to be expecting:  The Interview.

Contrary to what many people think about me I greatly dislike interviewing people.  I feel like I am treading on their own ground — like I am trespassing on their time and information.  Perhaps I am scarred by my perceptions of reporters from movies I watched in the past, but whatever the case, I don’t like that kind of confrontation.  But I love a story — and I love to write.  What good am I unless I have something to write about — specifically something people want to hear?  People want to hear news.  Thus, I need to get it… and to get it, I need to get out of my comfort zone.

As I sat in class, however, I got more and more excited.  My teached is the former editor of our local newspaper, a kind and intelligent man who is happy to teach us what it means to be journalists.  He gave us assignment after assignment, and then stopped and looked at the six of us (it’s a small class!).  “For those interested,” he said, “there may be a position open with the college newsletter if you would like to write for it.  You can get out of lab if you choose to do so.  I can’t guarantee your work will be published, but there is a chance.”  You can imagine my reaction — I’m going to get that spot!  He also said that in the spring we might head down to the state capital to meet Lansing’s top journalists, eat lunch with them, and watch a broadcast be filmed.  When I left class, my head was spinning with ideas and opportunity.

Sometimes we have dreams, and as time wears on those dreams that were once exciting become increasingly dull.  Since it takes time for them to develop they tend to get rusty, and after a while we may want to throw them away.  Opportunity seems scarce, and the daily grind of life doesn’t seem to be taking us anywhere.  Yet truly, life is a roadtrip:  when you start out you are excited and filled with anticipation.  As the drive lengthens, you can lose sight of the luxury awaiting you at the end and get caught up in the annoying car games, your brother’s leg sticking in your face and the endless, empty landscape out the window.  It may not seem worth the destination.

Then you see a billboard on the side of the road with a picture of the resort you’re headed to.  It reminds you of the purpose of the trip and excites you all over again — inspiring you and enabling you to bear with the annoyances that were wearing you down.  You have renewed strength and determination to get to where you’re going.

I know what I want to do  — but I have even more ideas now, all spinning in my head like a little tornado.  The great thing is that God is right there.  He provided the opportunity, and He’ll see it to its fulfillment.  With Him, forever is as far as I’ll go.


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