I Have a Dream

I crumpled to the sand and buried my head in the dunegrass.  “I can’t go further… I won’t!” I moaned miserably.  Dad poked me with his walking stick.  “Come on, Phy, get up!” “Wimp!” hollered my sympathetic siblings.  We had already been hiking for what seemed like miles up and down the Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Supposedly, Lake Michigan was at the end of the path.  We could see it at the crest of each little hill.  Yet the longer we walked the more futile that goal seemed to be.  At least, it was to me.

Do you ever feel like quitting?  Like crumpling in the sand and just letting the sun keep you warm, rather than hiking over the dunes to that far-off sea?  Quitting is easy and it feels good at the time.  When things get tough, the tough may get going, but I don’t want to go anywhere! 

Quitting leaves dreams in the lurch.  Many young people are encouraged to have dreams, to be all they can be, and “take life by the horns”, but they don’t have the motivation to accomplish it.  When the goal is bright and shiny on the future’s shelf, reaching it is sought with excitement and ardor.  But when the novelty wears away, or when the dream begins to gather dust as time is spent on more trivial pursuits, giving up has a certain appeal.

Thomas Edison said, “Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.”  A dream is that inspiration.  The dream itself can’t carry one to her goal:  there needs to be the effort, the work, the thought and the planning to make the dream come true. 

Giving up springs from a lack of faith in one’s goals or dreams.  It comes from laziness too.  Unfaithfulness and laziness both reveal a heart not ready to step up to the plate of divine opportunity, because, as Edison also said:  “Opportunity usually comes dressed in overalls and looks like work.”

Reaching goals will not be consistently feel-goody.  It will hurt, stretch, burn, and tax us.  It will test resolve and grind on patience.  Our hope, however, is in the fact that if the dream is in line with God’s will all the pain and effort will be worth it.  Our faith in this hope gives us the strength to complete the task that the Lord assigns to us.

“But he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold.”  (Job 23:10)

To Think About

  • What is your dream?  Do you believe God has given it to you?
  • How are you accomplishing it?  Have you given up in any way?
  • What can you do to renew faith and hope in your goals?

You have a dream!  Don’t let it escape you.  Don’t give up.  Keep walking down the path to the sea.  God’s rewards are infinitely more valuable than the temporal satisfaction of a dream deferred.


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