Speaker Request

An important aspect of my ministry is reaching the hearts of teenage girls, and one of the ways A Quill and Inkwell hopes to accomplish that is by speaking to them directly.  The message of godly womanhood is not often heard in today’s society, and sometimes a spoken word is more effective than one written down.

Although based on northern Michigan, I travel to other parts of the state upon request to speak to youth groups, churches and recently, homeschool conferences that express interest in a presentation.

Depending on the size of the group and the theme of the session, as well as your location, I do ask that I be given a month’s lead time for scheduling purposes. 

Some themes available for sessions are:

  • Victoria’s Unkept Secret (Modesty)
  • Attention without Intention (Flirtation)
  • Walking Through the Fire (Trials and Perseverance)
  • This is Your Time! (Redeeming the Single Years)
  • Can Girls Have Guys as Friends? (Relationships)
  • An Unbroken Heart (Emotional Purity)
  • Is it Wrong to Be Fashionable? (Beauty and Fashion)

Sessions can also be adapted, edited or created to address topics desired for particular groups of girls. 

For more information or to schedule a speaking engagement, please email or call Phylicia at phyliciadelta@hotmail.com or by phone at 231.347.2165.


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