Victoria’s Unkept Secret

In Traverse City, which is about an hour from my house, there is a mall that I make sure I go to every time I am in the vicinity.  I love shopping, and this mall has every store you can possibly imagine!  It is an absolute blast… in more ways than one.  While it’s lots of fun to walk through the mall with my sisters and friends, it seems we can never escape the bombardment of provocative music, pictures and models on all sides.  It is almost appalling to walk past the Abercrombie outlet, to glance into Express, or to catch a glimpse of a Limited poster on the wall — and we’re girls.  Imagine the struggle for our brothers in Christ.

I wrote an post a few days back on “If You’ve Got it, Flaunt It”.  In it I detailed the opinions of our brothers on modesty, and the importance thereof.  But it seems like we are in the minority, and that our concept of dress will never make any difference.  It seems that you can’t find clothes anywhere that are just simple and lovely — no, they have to be “sexy”, or made into some strange, souped-up form of femininity that isn’t feminine at all. 

I found an interesting article on MSN that illustrates what has happened to fashion in the past twenty years.  Many of you may be familiar with Victoria’s Secret, the lingerie line that has rapidly disentegrated from gently feminine to unabashedly trashy.  The article linked above contains an interesting assessment made by Victoria’s Secret’s CEO — that the company has become “too sexy”.  With an air of utter surprise, the $10 billion line has decided that the overly provocative music, merchandise, commercials and even decoration of stores has actually brought about a drop in sales, as older women who still retain a sense of modest femininity are turned away by the company’s prostitutionary style. 

Even those of the world, with what little conscience they yet retain, can see when a woman’s greatest secret is being thrown away.  It is no longer a special thing when the models in the window make a woman’s beauty so easy to gain.  There is no longer any reason for a man to pursue a woman for it, because it is ever before him in a thousand different venues. And for the man who chooses to look for a women’s inner beauty rather than her outward appearance, he must also endure the barrage of temptation that he meets with every day.

So when Victoria’s Secret suggests a modesty remodel, perhaps we should make an assessment of ourselves as well!